22 January 2002

Information regarding IDF Raid on Explosives Lab in Nablus in which four terrorists were killed
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

 Information regarding IDF Raid on Explosives Lab in Nablus in which four terrorists were killed-22-Jan-2002
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Switch for detonating explosive device, contained in top of shampoo bottle.

Excerpts from the briefing by Major General Yitzhak Eitan regarding the raid on the Nablus laboratory:

"IDF forces raided a building in the city of Nablus in which there was found a laboratory for explosive materials. During the raid, an explosive device was thrown at Israeli forces from an apartment in the building, and an exchange of fire ensued. During the exchange of fire, four IDF soldiers were wounded, and four terrorists were killed. Several suspects in the building were arrested.

"A laboratory for explosive devices was found in the building, perhaps the largest ever discovered in the West Bank. In the laboratory, there were explosives ready for use, belts strapped with explosives, and chemical materials used to create explosive devices. There were also weapons and a large amount of ammunition.

"We can see clearly that this laboratory was used to prepare explosives to be used in terror attacks to be carried out immediately, causing tremendous destruction and damage in Israel."


During the course of military action initiated by the IDF and security forces in Nablus last night, an explosives laboratory was discovered in an apartment building in the city. This building was used as a strategic launching pad for dozens of terrorist attacks. In the building, the IDF discovered a number of wanted Hamas terrorists in the midst of preparing a string of terrorist attacks. In addition, while searching for terrorist collaborators, security forces made a number of arrests in the apartment where the wanted terrorists were hiding.

In the apartment, a large amount of weapons were found, including guns and a stockpile of explosive material as well as explosive belts and materials used in the preparation of explosive devices.

The following is background information on the each of the four terrorists killed:

Nasim Shafik Ali Abu-Ros

Born in 1974, Hamas operative, resident of Nablus, single.

Abu-Ros was a member of the Hamas infrastructure in the northern West Bank run by Mahmoud Abu-Hanoud and Halil Sharif. This same network carried out the Ben Yehuda bombings in Jerusalem in 1997, in which five Israelis were killed and 167 wounded. Abu-Ros’ role within the network was the assembling of explosive devices, a skill he learned from Mouhi Adin Sharif.

Abu-Ros was arrested by the Palestinians at the end of 1997, tried, convicted and incarcerated in Jericho. With the outbreak of violence he was released from prison by the Palestinian Authority and returned immediately to work within the Hamas military infrastructure in the northern West Bank.

Abu-Ros was involved in the assembling of explosive devices used in all large-scale Hamas attacks in the last year, such as the Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem, the suicide bombings in Haifa, and the suicide attack in Emmanuel.

Jasar Assad Ramzi Smaro

Born in 1974, resident of Nablus, Hamas operative, single.

Smaro was also a member of the Hamas infrastructure which dispatched the terrorist attacks on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem under the leadership of Mahmoud Abu Hanoud and Halil Sharif. Jaser was one of Mouhi Adin Sharif’s students. Smaro was caught, tried, convicted and incarcerated in Jericho by the Palestinian Authority in 1997. He was released with the outbreak of the violence and returned immediately to his work as a Hamas operative in the northern West Bank.

Smaro worked within the network responsible for the assembling of the explosive devices for the Hamas. Also, Smaro was an accomplice in the execution of the Sbarro bombing, the attack in Haifa in December, and the roadside bombs planted in the Jenin area.

Karim Namar Abed Mafraga

Born in 1979 in Beit Lakiya, resident of Nablus, terrorist operative, single.

A former operative and one of the leaders of the organization Kotala Islamiya at the A-Najah University, Mafraga was a senior member in the Hamas military network which carried out the bombings in Netanya in August and November of 1999 in which 20 people wounded.

Mafraga was imprisoned by the PA in Nablus. However, with the outbreak of the violence, he was released and he returned immediately to his Hamas activity in the northern West Bank.

He recently became a senior member of the network within Hamas which develops explosive devices for the northern West Bank, under the leadership of Nasim Abu Ros.

Yousef Haled Yousef Sukagi

Born in 1961, married with four children, a senior Hamas operative expelled from Israel in the past.

Sukagi directed the military branch of the Hamas in the northern West Bank. He directed the Hamas military network in 1997 which carried out the Ben Yehuda Street bombings.

Sukagi was jailed by the PA in the Najid prison, and even while in prison continued to direct the network, for example by staying in touch with the wanted terrorist Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, and remained responsible for the storehouse of explosive materials located by the PA in August 2000.

With the outbreak of the violence, Sukagi was released and returned to his position as the main director of Hamas terrorist activities and as an advisor for terrorist actions. Within the framework of his duties, Sukagi was also responsible for the approval and managing of the finances of the terror network’s activities.

Ha’aretz reports: According to Israeli security sources, two of the dead men – Jasser Samro and Nissam Abu Ros – were technical experts and prepared the explosive devices used in terror attacks in Haifa, the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem, and the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv. Samro and Abu Ros were on Israel’s most-wanted list.

 Information regarding IDF Raid on Explosives Lab in Nablus in which four terrorists were killed-22-Jan-2002
 Information regarding IDF Raid on Explosives Lab in Nablus in which four terrorists were killed-22-Jan-2002
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