Jerusalem, 14 April 2002

Involvement of the Palestinian security apparatus in terrorism
(Communicated by Israel security sources)

In the course of Operation Defensive Shield, the IDF seized a revealing document written by the Head of the Palestinian General Intelligence in the Tulkarm district.

The document was addressed to Tawfiq Tirawi, Head of General Intelligence in the West Bank. It refers to members of the Fatah Tanzim organization, among them:

  • Bilal Ali Moussa Abu Amsha, a 28 year-old resident of Tulkarm
  • Khatem Yasser Muhammed Aljiousi, a 30 year-old resident of Tulkarm

    The two men were involved in the planning of the murderous terrorist attack at the "Armon David" wedding hall in Hadera, where six Israelis were killed and 25 others wounded.

    In the document, the Head of General Intelligence in Tulkarm describes the terrorist attack as "a successful high-quality attack". He also notes the ongoing contact, close ties and coordination between the terrorists and General Intelligence.

    In an additional document that was seized during the Israeli operation, it has emerged that Chairman Arafat authorized an allocation of $800 for the Tanzim terrorists mentioned above, as well as for other operatives.

    These documents, along with many others, highlight the close ties between the Fatah Tanzim and senior Palestinian officials in the security apparatus and in the PA leadership, which are reflected in funding and other support for Fatah Tanzim terrorist attacks against innocent civilians.