Jerusalem, 4 December 2002

ISA and Israel Police detain and expel Khaled Nazem Diyab
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Following a joint ISA and Israeli Police investigation, Khaled Nazem Diyab, born in 1968, was detained for questioning. Diyab holds US citizenship and has spent the last few years working for charitable organizations. In recent months, he has resided in Qatar.

Diyab was arrested last month upon his arrival in Israel on suspicion of transferring funds to terrorist organizations in general, and those connected to Al Qaida in particular. The suspect is also believed to be a member of the Al Najda organization in the US, which has since been closed down.

The suspect has resided in Afghanistan in the past, and was in close contact with groups that identify with the Taliban. He is also known to have contact with organizations and activists connected to Hamas.

Upon conclusion of the investigation, Diyab was expelled from Israel.