Jerusalem, 27 June 2002

ISA arrests Hizbullah collaborator in Israel
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The ISA announced that it has arrested an Israeli citizen of Lebanese origin named Nissim under the suspicion of being recruited by Hizbullah sources.

It is suspected that the Hizbullah made use of Nissim’s connections to Lebanon, and proposed the he aid them in exchange for money. The investigation revealed that Nissim was asked to get a map of the Tel Aviv region with electricity and gas installations highlighted on it, and also to photograph installations in the Haifa and central regions.. In addition, he was asked to photograph a member of the security establishment, and to make contact with an army officer in order to garner information on IDF activities. Nissim was supposed to pass the information he collected to the Hizbullah at a meeting overseas and to receive payment in exchange. Nissim was arrested before he had a chance to leave for overseas.

This instance is another example of Hizbullah’s attempts to escalate their activities against Israel. Since the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon, and especially since the outbreak of the latest wave of Palestinian violence, Hizbullah has been investing great efforts in attempts to build an infrastructure of collaborators and perpetrators in Israel and the territories.