9 January 2002

ISA uncovers Golan weapons infiltration
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Several weeks ago, the ISA (Israel Security Agency), in cooperation with the Israel Police Galilee central unit, discovered an infiltration point through which weapons were smuggled from Syria to the Golan Heights. A former Majdal Shams resident, who crossed over to Syria in 1987, was responsible from the Syrian side for the infiltrations of weapons.

The smuggled weapons that were captured included five roadside charges as well as 15 hand grenades. In addition, operating instructions to achieve the "best" results against people and vehicles were also found with the weapons.

The weapons were meant to be supplied to hostile elements in the territories. A number of residents of Majdal Shams were arrested in the course of the investigation. The investigation has shown that a number of those arrested acted to receive the weapons in Israel, hid them in the field and directed the hostile elements to the hiding places.

Others who were arrested are suspected of being involved in establishing the connection with the Syrian source or were aware of the existence of the connection.

Exposure of weapons infiltration of this scale is the first of its kind on the Syrian-Israeli border on the Golan Heights which is normally a closed border, protected from weapons infiltrations. This border has enjoyed a long period of quiet and tight Syrian supervision to maintain the quiet.

Lessons have been learned in light of the weapons infiltration and the warning mechanisms against infiltrations have been improved.