Israel Protests to Chinese News Agency

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
April 24, 2002

The Ambassador of China in Israel, Pan Zhanlin, was summoned today (April 24) for a meeting with the Deputy Director General for Asia and the Pacific, Zvi Gabay. During the meeting, Mr. Gabay expressed Israel’s displeasure regarding an article published by the Chinese News Agency (Xinhua), which compared the suffering experienced today by the Palestinians in the territories with that of the Jews in Europe during the Second World War.

The Deputy Director General emphasized to Ambassador Zhanlin that Israel takes a particularly grave view of the article, and that the issue of the Holocaust is a particularly sensitive one for Israelis and Jews throughout the world. He also noted that the Holocaust is a unique tragedy in the history of mankind, and cannot be used to draw comparisons. Deputy Director General Gabay also observed that the writer of the article showed signs of both maliciousness and ignorance.

The Deputy Director General requested that the Chinese Foreign Ministry or an official Chinese spokesman publish a correction of the article.

Ambassador Pan Zhanlin informed Mr. Gabay that he would submit the request to the Foreign Ministry of China.