25 April 2002

Marwan Barghouti’s Connection to Terror

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Muhammad Abdullah, a taxi driver from Bir-Nabalah and a Tanzim-Fatah operative, who was arrested during Operation Defensive Shield, related during questioning that he committed the shooting attack on the French Hill-Ramot road in Jerusalem, in which an Israeli woman was killed, on the request of Marwan Barghouti.

In addition he participated in aiding the infiltration of a terrorist who caried out a shooting attack on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, in which two Israelis were killed. Muhammad said that after Raed Karmi was killed, Barghouti demanded that his cell members carry out a revenge terrorist attack that same day. They received this instruction from his assistant and right-hand man, Ahmed Barghouti. A few hours later the cell members carried out a shooting attack on an Israeli vehicle near a gas station in Givat Ze’ev, in which one Israeli woman was killed and another injured.

Additional information discovered during the questioning of several Tanzim operatives detained in Operation Defensive Shield points to the direct involvement of Marwan Barghouti in terror, as expressed among others in his ordering of terror attacks, the funding of terrorist activity and the supply of weapons to the terrorists.

Following are several examples:

Bilal Barghouti – resident of Beit Rima, senior Hamas operative arrested by IDF forces in the Preventative Intelligence Headquarters in Bitunia. He related that during the time he was wanted by the Israelis he lived a short while in Marwan Barghouti’s house. During his stay there he saw a number of weapons, and when he left the house Barghouti armed him with a gun for his use.

Majad Ziada, resident of Ramallah, related that he participated in many shooting attacks against the Israeli security forces and against Israelis. Six months ago he participated in a shooting attack on the Beit-El bypass road, in a shooting attack on an IDF base in Bitunia, a shooting attack in the Tira area, and several other shooting attacks in which there were no casualties. In at least two attacks the terrorist cell carrying out the shooting attacks used a silver Mazda 323 belonging to the son of Marwan Barghouti.

Amir Abu Radha, resident of Ramallah, Tanzim operative, related that he participated in many shooting attacks against Israeli security forces and against Israeli villages near Ramallah. He also related that he and his terrorist cell received extensive logistical aid in the purchase of weapons and ammunition, as well as paychecks from Marwan Barghouti.

Bashar Barghouti – resident of El-Bira, graduated from medical school in Iraq, worked as a specializing doctor in the Al-Mukassed Hospital in Ramallah. He related that he heard from another military activist who was involved in shooting attacks, that he gave Barghouti a ’87 Subaru vehicle in which terrorists planned to infiltrate into Israel and carry out suicide attacks.

Haitam Hamdan, resident of Beit-Sira, military operative in the Al-Aqsa brigades, who was arrested by IDF forces in the Preventative Intelligence building in Bitunia, and who was involved in two shooting attacks on the Atarot road, related that he received assistance and guidance in his activities directly from Ahmed Barghouti, with the knowledge of Marwan Barghouti.