Jerusalem 1 May 2002

Palestinian Authority Security Services were involved in directing attacks and preparing bombs by Tanzim operatives in the Jenin refugee camp
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Ahmed Hussein Muhammed Abu Jildeh, 28, a Tanzim operative and resident of the Jenin refugee camp, was arrested by IDF forces in the course of Operation Defensive Shield on April 10, 2002.

During questioning, Abu Jildeh admitted his ramified involvement in the Tanzim, including his participation in numerous terrorist attacks. Ahmed described the network of links between PA National Security and Tanzim members, adding that the former instructed the Tanzim operatives in preparing bombs and even supervised their actions.

Abu Jildeh joined the Tanzim about four to five months ago at the behest of Ziad Zabayde, a senior Tanzim operative in the Jenin refugee camp. Abu Jildeh joined a cell that was engaged in recruiting suicide terrorists, filming them as they recited their wills, preparing their bombs and dispatching them to perpetrate their attacks. He also admitted to transferring payment for the purchase of a rifle for use in a future suicide attack in Haifa. He personally took part in two December 2001 attacks in which shots were fired at the Jewish community of Kadim, near Jenin.

During the recent fighting in Jenin, Abu Jildeh, along with other senior Tanzim operatives, prepared bombs which were used against IDF forces. They purchased the chemicals for several of the bombs with funds supplied by senior Tanzim member Jamal Ahweil, who was also arrested in the course of Operation Defensive Shield. Abu Jildeh admitted to also helping to prepare approximately 300 bombs that were designed to be detonated by lit fuses. He also helped to prepare approximately 20 larger bombs with electric fuses, two of which were hidden near the refugee camp mosque.

Ahmed Abu Jildeh added that a senior member of the Palestinian National Security had instructed him and others in preparing the bombs and even stayed with them in the same apartment where they did their work. Abu Walid, responsible for security and intelligence in the Jenin area, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and an organizer of many military actions, frequented the apartment in order to oversee operations.

Ahmed said that Ziad Zabayde and Abd al Karim Aweis were responsible for the cell’s links with Marwan Barghouti, from whom they received instructions and funds.

Abu Jildeh said that Jamal Ahweil regularly updated PA Chairman Yasser Arafat’s office on the cell’s members in order to receive funds.