10 February 2002

Palestinians launch rockets at Israel
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Early Sunday afternoon, February 10, 2002, Palestinians launched Kassam II-type rockets on Israel. This is the first time that such rockets were launched at any Israeli target. The rockets were launched from Palestinian-controlled area in Gaza, just south of Beit Hanoun and landed at two sites within the "Green Line".

One of the rockets landed at Kibbutz Saad, at a distance of just under 6 kilometers from the launch site and another at Moshav Shuva, about seven kilometers away. This is a range attainable only by a rocket, and not a mortar shell. The rocket which landed at Saad penetrated a hole 2-3 meters deep, and carried an explosive head containing 6 to 10 kilograms of explosive material. Here again the depth of penetration and the amount of explosives are characteristic of rockets.

Three rocket launchers were found south of Beit Hanoun by Israeli forces, all of them with timing devices for launching the rocket. The third rocket was apparently disabled when an IDF tank fired at the launchers after the first rockets were fired.

The range of the Kassam II rocket, which is approximately 5 to 8 kilometers, could reach any point in the city of Sderot if fired from the northern Gaza Strip. If fired from the West Bank, such rockets could hit many cities within Israel.

Kassam II

 Palestinians launch rockets at Israel-10-Feb-2002

©IDF Spokesman 

 Palestinians launch rockets at Israel-10-Feb-2002

Kassam II rockets and launchers discovered in a truck on its way from Nablus to Jenin (Feb 6, 2002)

  • Range: 5-8 kilometers
  • Warhead: 5 kilograms of explosive material.
  • Caliber: 120 mm
  • First discovered: 8 rockets were discovered on a truck on its way from Nablus to Jenin, at a roadblock northeast of Nablus.
  • Precision: Precise enough to hit a metropolitan target.
  • Non-conventional capability: possible.
  • Production: Easy and quick to produce, made with explosive material.