Jerusalem, 4 April 2002

PM Sharon meets with US Envoy Zinni
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met this evening (Thursday), April 4, 2002, with US envoy General (ret) Anthony Zinni and made clear the following points:

1. In order to reach the political process with the Palestinians that Israel eminently desires, Palestinian terror and its organizers must be defeated first.

2. To this end, Operation Defensive Shield will continue in order to achieve the goal set by the government.

3. Prime Minister Sharon emphasized that a capitulation to the terror of the suicide-attackers would lead to the spread of this awful type of terrorism in the world. Therefore, determined action must be taken against it and Israel will do this.

4. Israel demands that wanted fugitives and illegal weapons be handed over forthwith.

5. Israel emphasizes that negotiations on political issues at a time when Palestinian terror has yet to be defeated would lead to the continuation and intensification of the latter.

6. Prime Minister Sharon has decided to enable US envoy Zinni to meet with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat in the wake of General Zinni’s request to do so.