Message from
the President of the State of Israel
Mr. Moshe Katsav
to the Jewish Communities of the Diaspora
on Israel’s Independence Day 5762-2002

Dear Friends,

On the 54th anniversary of the State of Israel, we are still fighting for our status and security. Difficult sights, which in the past we thought had disappeared from the world, once again appear before us. Brutal terrorism, which accompanied us from the beginning of Zionism, has received additional momentum. At the same time, the return of the Jewish People to its historical homeland and our right to live in our country in peace and security is an indisputable fact. Unfortunately, during the past year there has also been a rise in anti-Semitism throughout the world, an expression of which we witnessed in the Durban Conference against Racism in South Africa.

The Palestinian terrorism is an epidemic which must be fought against with determination and international cooperation. We are fighting against terrorism with faith, determination and national unity. Despite all the difficulties, I believe that the Palestinians and we have common interests and can attain political settlements.

In the 54 years of its existence the State of Israel has received international recognition in many fields. Israel is a modern, democratic and developed country, which maintains great moral values.

All of us, members of the various sections and streams of the Jewish People, must maintain unity. We have a common tradition and a common destiny. United we will overcome every threat, as, during many generations, the Jewish people overcame many difficulties and great obstacles.

I call on you to feel part of the State of Israel and give expression to your solidarity with the Jewish People.

Moshe Katsav

 President Moshe Katsav-s Independence Day Message to Jewish Communities Abroad 5762-2002
 President Moshe Katsav-s Independence Day Message to Jewish Communities Abroad 5762-2002
Israel Independence Day 2002