16 April 2002

Results of questioning of Hamas terrorist involved in suicide bombing of Park Hotel in Netanya

(Communciated by the IDF Spokesman)

Nasser Yatima, a resident of Tulkarm and a Hamas operative, was arrested by IDF forces in Nablus during Operation Defensive Shield. During questioning, he admitted to personal involvement in the Park Hotel bombing in Netanya on Passover night, in which 28 civilians were killed and 65 wounded.

Yatima said that a month prior to the bombing he was asked by one of his controllers to empty a weapons cache that was hidden in the women’s toilet of a mosque in Tulkarm. He and another friend came to the mosque and late at night, with his friend guarding the entrance, Yatima entered the women’s toilet and removed a heavy handbag that contained an explosive belt.

On the day of the suicide bombing in Netanya, he was called by his controller and introduced to Abed Al-Basat Uda, the perpetrator of the bombing, whom Yatima helped prepare for the bombing. He also videotaped the suicide bomber and his speech before he left.

Nasser Yatima also admitted during questioning that he participated in a shooting attack against an Israeli tank when the IDF first entered Tulkarm. He also admitted to training with an M-16 rifle and a handgun, which he left on the street in Nablus before giving himself up to the IDF.