Jerusalem, 19 May 2002

Senior DFLP terrorist responsible for this morning’s attack in Gaza Strip
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

A shooting attack was perpetrated today (Sunday), May 19, 2002, at an IDF and civilian convoy on the Karni-Netzarim route in the Gaza Strip. An IDF vehicle overturned during the attack, lightly injuring four soldiers.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine took credit for the attack; the senior DFLP militant responsible for the cell which perpetrated the attack is Talal Khalil Muhammad Abu Zarifa, 52, from Abasan. Abu Zarifa is responsible for a series of attacks and attempted attacks which have been perpetrated during the current wave of Palestinian violence, including the August 25, 2001 attack on the IDF’s Marganit outpost in which Sgt. Tzahi Grabli, St.-Sgt. Koby Nir and Maj. Gil Oz were killed.

Abu Zarifa’s name has been passed to the Palestinian security services several times, including recently, on the basis of information obtained in investigations that he was overseeing an attack. The Palestinian security services did not act to prevent the attack; Abu Zarifa continues to enjoy full freedom of action.