15 August 2002

Senior Hamas terrorist killed in IDF operation in Tubas
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

During an IDF operation yesterday in Tubas, east of Nablus, a senior Hamas terrorist, Nasser Khaled Ibrahim Jerar, was killed. Nasser Jerar was in charge of suicide attacks planned to take place in Israel, including a major terror attack designed to bring down a multi-story building.

Jerar, 44 years old, was originally from Wadi-Brukin.

In May 2001, while Nasser Jerar was on his way to carry out a terror attack using explosive devices and mortar-shells in Qabatia (south of Jenin), one of the explosive devices was accidentally activated and as a result Nasser Jerar lost both of his legs and a hand. Despite his injuries, Jerar soon returned to his terrorist activities and continued planning terror attacks.

A number of terrorists from the area of Jenin who had been arrested by the Israeli security forces said that Jerar had recruited suicide bombers to commit terror attacks in central areas in Israel, as well as a major attack to bring down a multi-story building.

As a result of investigations of terrorists working under Jerar’s command, two explosive laboratories were found in Jenin. The labs contained explosive belts and parts of Qassam rockets.

Jerar was in close contact with senior Hamas terrorists in the area of Jenin and Nablus, including Qaise Aduan, a senior Hamas terrorist killed by the Israeli security forces a few months ago.