2 September 2002

Senior Islamic Jihad terrorist arrested by IDF forces near Jenin
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson)

Muhamed Ahmed Amin Jerar, 42, one of the commanders of the Islamic Jihad military wing in Jenin, was arrested by the Israeli security forces this morning in the village of Kod, west of Jenin. Muhamed Jerar, an explosives expert, was arrested while planning to carry out a suicide terrorist attack in Israel within the coming days.

Jerar is known as an explosives expert. He was responsible for several explosives laboratories and engaged in teaching and training Islamic Jihad operatives in the manufacture and use of explosive materials and devices for use by terrorists in the Jenin area.

Jerar was in close contact with other senior Jihad Islamic terrorists in the area of Jenin. Among his students were Mahmud Tualbe Nursi, who was killed during Operation Defensive Shield and was responsible for several terrorist attacks against Israelis, including the suicide attack at the train station in Binyamina in July 2001.