Special ceremony to mark jubilee of Israeli-Japanese diplomatic relations

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
May 26, 2002

A special ceremony will take place today (May 26) at 17:00, at the Residence of the Israeli Presidents, hosted by President Moshe Katzav, to mark 50 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and the Japanese Ambassador to Israel, Tadashi Imai, will attend the ceremony, along with hundreds of other invited guests, including academics, cultural representatives and entrepreneurs with business interests in Japan.

The ceremony takes place, within the context of events celebrating the Jubilee of the excellent relations between Israel and Japan. There will be a year-long series of events, including cultural and economic events, held in Israel and Japan, under the auspices of both governments. The culmination of these events will be a visit by President Moshe Katzav to Japan, towards the end of the year.

The two countries enjoy close ties in all spheres, including the economic, cultural and political realms. These relations have developed and prospered, particularly, in the last decade.