Jerusalem, June 21, 2002

Statement by the Coordinator of Activities in the Territories
(Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories)

The Office for Coordination of Activities in the Territories wishes to emphasize that the recently published allegations, according to which the West Bank is to be divided into isolated population clusters, are completely unfounded and groundless.

The Office for Coordination of Activities in the Territories does all in its power to enable the functioning of vital civilian systems in order to facilitate the daily life of the Palestinian population that is not involved in terror activity, the very population that is in effect being held hostage by Palestinian terror.

The closures imposed on Palestinian cities arise directly and solely from the need to prevent terror attacks, emanating from these cities, against innocent citizens. Notwithstanding these most adverse and hostile of circumstances, procedures were put in place to enable the movement of the population under closure in order for it to address its needs.

We would, of course, prefer to lift the closures instead of having to issue permits (for the chronically ill, the transport of oxygen and chlore, water and electricity repair teams etc.). However, the closures remain necessary in order to provide protection from the threats of terror.

The permit system of today will be revised as soon as the incessant terror attacks stop. In the meantime, the Coordinator’s Office will spare no effort and continue to assist the Palestinian population’s plight, by whatever means possible given the dire security situation.