Jerusalem, 11 March 2002

Statement issued by Prime Minister’s Office regarding Yasser Arafat
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Today (March 11, 2002), the Prime Minister’s Office issued the following statement:

Following the arrest of all the six persons wanted in the assassination of Minister Ze’evy, as demanded by Israel from the Palestinian Authority (PA), Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided to no longer restrict Chairman Arafat’s movement throughout the PA territories.

The Prime Minister’s insistence on the arrest of the murderers of Minister Ze’evy and their dispatchers, as well as the arrest of Fuad Shubaki, who is responsible for the PA’s liaisons with Iran, coupled with the military pressure exerted on the PA and Chairman Arafat – is what brought about the arrest of all those wanted persons, in accordance with Israel’s demands.

The Prime Minister’s Office has also announced that in the event that the PA releases the Popular Front prisoners, the murderers of Minister Ze’evy or their dispatchers (all or some of them), or Mr. Fuad Shubaki – the State of Israel will see itself free to decide on the appropriate steps.