18 April 2002

Tanzim Fatah terrorist apparatus and its leaders were appointed by Yasser Arafat

(Communicated by Israel security sources)

Nasser Aweis, the most senior Tanzim figure in Samaria and the individual responsible for recruiting terrorist cells, arming them and handling them and the person behind many bomb attacks in Israel, revealed during questioning that he and his men were supported financially by Arafat.

Aweis stated that he himself and the operatives registered with Fatah/Tanzim who carried out many attacks against Israel, received financial assistance authorized by Yasser Arafat. According to Aweis, the names of the Tanzim terrorists were given to Marwan Barghouti and the latter would have Arafat sign the requests for assistance. After this, the checks would be sent to Issam Abu Bakhar, secretary general of Fatah in Nablus, who was responsible for distributing the money.