Tenth Anniversary of Terrorist Attack on Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
March 13, 2002

Saturday night, March 16, 2002, will mark the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. In that murderous attack, 29 people lost their lives, including diplomats, embassy staff and innocent bystanders.

We now find ourselves at the height of an unrelenting campaign against the scourge of terrorism – a struggle that has lasted over 100 years. Terrorists carry out attacks in Israel, the Middle East and throughout the world, with the intention of indiscriminately murdering innocent civilians, including women and children. Time has not healed the terrible pain and the sense of loss, and it has not weakened our resolve to fight the scourge of terrorism, its perpetrators and sponsors.

Israel, the state of the Jewish people, exists, first and foremost, to protect the lives of Jews wherever they may be, as well as to protect the lives of its citizens and all who visit the country.

Israel will not rest, and will act steadfastly, in cooperation with the government of Argentina and other international representatives, in order to bring to justice those responsible for the heinous terrorist attack in Buenos Aires.