The Murder of Ms. Orit Ozerov, an Employee of the Israel Foreign Ministry

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
March 10, 2002

Orit Ozerov, the Foreign Ministry employee murdered last night in the heinous terrorist suicide bombing of the Moment Cafe in Jerusalem, was born in 1974, and grew up in Jerusalem.

She is a graduate of the Rene Cassin High School, and following her military service, she completed her teaching degree at Jerusalem’s David Yellin Teachers College.

Orit joined the Foreign Ministry about four years ago, and worked as an office manager while studying for her Master’s degree.

At Rene Cassin, Orit was known as the singer of her class, and was also considered a very talented artist.

Her colleagues at work describe her as always having a smile on her face, possessing a contagious cheerfulness, and an aura of friendliness which affected everyone around her. Her sense of humor and kindness were matched only by her grace, and her charming childlike features.

Orit readily accepted any assignment, and carried out all her duties with great enthusiasm.

Her death deeply shocked her many colleagues and friends, and she will be gravely missed at the Ministry.

The Ministry’s Deputy Director General for Public Affairs, Mr. Gideon Meir, with whom Orit most recently worked, stated the following: "Orit was a fine young woman from a fine family. She fulfilled her tasks with great devotion, loyalty and pleasantness, generating a very positive influence on all of her colleagues. Orit will be missed by all of us at the Division for Media and Public Affairs, as well as by her many friends throughout the Foreign Ministry."

Orit is survived by her father, Yehezkel, her mother Dalia – an officer of the Investigative Branch of the Israel Police – and by her 22 year old brother Yaron.