Jerusalem, 13 February 2002

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Lau condemns Belgium Supreme Court decision – Feb 13, 2003
(Communicated by the Chief Rabbinate Spokesman)

Following are Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau comments on Belgium’s Supreme Court’s decision clearing the way to try Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for war crimes after his diplomatic immunity lapses:

"The thought that a nation which stood by and watched when Jewish blood was spilt like water and ignored victims’ cries is now elevating itself to the position of world policeman is outrageous in the extreme. It is regretful that a state which remained quiet at a time when it should have been screaming out in the name of humanity is now expressing itself with such a pretentious and hypocritical voice, in order to cast fault on IDF soldiers and its commanders who endangered their own lives many times in order to refrain from injuring innocent civilians, and in order to denigrate the behavior of a democratic, sovereign state."