June 9, 2003

Civil Administration to administer Palestinians matriculation exams
(Communicated by the Civil Administration Spokeswoman)

Palestinian students throughout Judea and Samaria will today (Monday), June 9, 2003, begin taking their matriculation exams. The Civil Administration, in cooperation with IDF Central Command, is facilitating the proper administration of the exams. In Hebron, despite the curfew, the IDF and the Civil Administration will allow students taking the exams to reach schools in the city.

The exams begin today and will continue until Thursday, June 26, 2003, and will be held in schools throughout Judea and Samaria, Israel prisons and IDF prison facilities.

Over 25,000 students will take the exams in Judea and Samaria, and an additional 4,000 in eastern Jerusalem and the various prisons.

The Civil Administration has issued more than 8,600 permits for exam proctors, Palestinian education personnel, etc. and has stationed Arabic speakers at the various checkpoints in order to assure the proper passage of students and proctors.

Exam subjects include mathematics, Arabic, English, Islamic culture, the sciences, agriculture, food production, etc.