Jerusalem, April 13, 2003

DM Mofaz orders lowering of alert level
(Communicated by the Defense Minister’s Media Adviser)

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz this afternoon (Sunday), April 13, 2003, has completed consultations with the IDF including Home Front Command and Military Intelligence on sites in western Iraq that could pose a threat to Israel.

In light of the fact that coalition forces have swept these sites, and on the basis of Military Intelligences assessment that the threat to Israel has been removed, Defense Minister Mofaz has decided to lower the alert level in Israel. The population is no longer required to carry around gas masks or maintain sealed rooms.

Defense Minister Mofaz also ordered the release of reserve soldiers who were called up on the eve of the war in Iraq.

Defense Minister Mofaz decided to retain the active defense mechanisms in Israel, including the Arrow, until a further assessment of the situation.

Defense Minister Mofaz updated Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who seconded the decision.

Defense Minister Mofaz thanked the IDF, the Home Front Command and the security establishment in general for their preparations and efforts before and during the American-led action in Iraq.