Jerusalem, November 19, 2003

FM Shalom meets with Austrian FM Ferrero-Waldner
(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

 FM Shalom meets with Austrian FM Ferrero-Waldner-Nov 19- 2003

 FM Shalom meets with Austrian FM Ferrero-Waldner-Nov 19- 2003

Israeli FM Silvan Shalom meets with Austrian FM Dr. Benita
Ferrero-Waldner in Vienna
(Nov 19, 2003)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom met with his Austrian counterpart FM Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner today (November 19, 2003). During their meeting, the two leaders agreed that an Austrian delegation headed by the minister of trade will arrive in Israel at the end of February 2004 to advance commercial cooperation. The foreign ministers also agreed to cooperate in the war on terrorism. At the close of their meeting, they discussed bilateral issues including cultural exchanges.

During Foreign Minister Shalom’s visit to Brussels for the Association Council, he initiated a meeting with the Irish foreign minister (Ireland is slated to replace Italy as the EU President on January 1, 2004). Both leaders concluded that they must pass a UN Resolution against anti-Semitism. The Austrian FM and the whole of Europe support FM Shalom’s initiative and a resolution will be presented to the United Nations next week.

"I would like congratulate the actions taken by President Chirac against anti-Semitism," FM Shalom said. He added, "This kind of leadership creates a positive momentum which will propel changes that we all want and expect."

Foreign Minister Shalom was encouraged by the Austrian’s Foreign Minister’s vigorousness in opposing the phenomenon of anti-Semitism. Both FM Shalom and FM Ferrero-Waldner agreed that in the near future, Israel would appoint an ambassador to Austria. FM Shalom raised the issue of Ron Arad and his Austrian colleague promised to exert all possible efforts to gain additional information.

Another issue that was discussed was the 100th anniversary of the death of Theodore Herzl to be commemorated next year. FM Shalom thanked his counterpart for Austria’s part in restoring the Herzl museum.