Jerusalem, July 28, 2003

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and Mrs. Judy Shalom Nir Mozes Greet Christopher Reeve
(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

 FM Silvan Shalom and Mrs Judy Shalom Nir Mozes Greet Christopher Reeve-July 28- 2003
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 FM Silvan Shalom and Mrs Judy Shalom Nir Mozes Greet Christopher Reeve-July 28- 2003

FM Silvan Shalom and Mrs. Judy Shalom Nir Mozes greet
Christopher Reeve upon the start
of his four-day visit to Israel
(July 28, 2003)

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and Mrs. Judy Shalom Nir Mozes greeted Christopher Reeve today (Monday), July 28, 2003, upon his arrival to Israel for a four day visit. The Foreign Minister stated: "It is a great honor and a pleasure to welcome Christopher Reeve, a true friend of the Israeli people, to our country. To me, Christopher Reeve is a hero, one that inspires all of us.

"Mr. Reeve is in Israel to visit our Research Institutes, Hospitals, and scientists who are helping the world make tremendous advancements related to the treatment of spinal cord injuries. But that is not all. He has chosen to meet with the courageous patients, some of them survivors of terrorist attacks, to share with them the message that they are not alone in the day to day struggle to reach for a better tomorrow.

"And I must share with you something else. You have many friends in Israel. Since the announcement of your visit, the phones in the Foreign Ministry have not stopped ringing. We are glad to have you as our ambassador of goodwill around the world.

"It is a new time in our region. An opportunity for peace. There is a glimmer of hope which gives us optimism for a better future.

"So once again, Mr. Reeve, thank you for coming to visit us, and we look forward to this week together with you."

Mrs. Judy Shalom Nir Mozes noted, "How excited the Israeli people are in the streets. How truly happy they are that you are here."

Christopher Reeve opened by greeting the people of Israel: "Shalom Israel". He continued, "I am honored to be here in this part of the world. Israel is an extraordinary place. I have wanted to visit for a long time, from even before I was injured. There are many people here suffering. And many people here are healing.

"Some of the best research is happening in Israel. Some of the best care for patients is happening in Israel. I am here to watch, to learn, to observe. I am here to bring a message of hope to those who are healing here. I am also bringing a message to the United States of what more we can do with scientific research. Israel is among the world leaders in scientific research.

"For those living with disabilities, there is an advantage of living in a global village. We all need to see the world as one place, in which we are all equal and we all have hope where we can make progress together. Many things we thought impossible are now routine. If we decide it is important enough, we do it.

"Scientists should sense the urgency. Every day counts for those who are healing. What is important is what helps man heal. Applied research can help many of us heal quicker and as safely as possible."