19 February 2003

IDF Operations in Gaza City
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructures and following the murderous terror attack last Saturday (Feb 15) near Dugit where an explosive charge was detonated underneath an IDF tank killing all four crew members, IDF infantry, armor and engineering forces, assisted by combat helicopters, operated last night in Shajeyeh in the northern sector of Gaza City.

IDF forces demolished four weapon producing workshops containing 32 lathes, which are used to produce mortars and Kassam missiles.

During the operation eight explosive charges were detonated at the IDF forces. In addition, anti-tank missiles were launched, grenades were thrown, and shots were fired on the IDF soldiers from several civilian buildings.

The IDF soldiers returned fire toward the source of the shooting.

It should be noted that three grenades were thrown toward the IDF forces from within a mosque. The soldiers refrained from returning fire, which could have caused damage to the religious structure.

There were no casualties during the operation among the IDF forces. Once the operation was completed, the IDF forces left Gaza City.

The IDF will continue to operate against the terror infrastructures in the Gaza Strip in order to stop the terrorists, their dispatchers and those who aid them.