August 10, 2003

IDF response to Hizbullah attack on an Israeli town in northern Israel
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

An Israeli youth was killed and four civilians injured, one moderately and three lightly injured, as a result of shells fired by Hizbullah this afternoon towards Israeli towns in the western Galilee. Hizbullah fired shells under the guise of anti-aircraft fire, when in fact there were no Israeli aircrafts that crossed the border into Lebanon.

Following the Hizbullah fire, IAF airplanes attacked in the western sector of Lebanese territory, the cannon position from where the Hizbullah fired the shells that killed an Israeli civilian and injured four others. The pilots reported destroying the cannon and position.

Today’s attack, like other attacks in the last two weeks, in which 18 Israeli civilians were injured by Hizbullah shell fire, are acts of terror against residents of the north.

These terror attacks against Israel by Hizbullah, with Syrian backing, are in violation of UN resolution 425, according to which Israel completely fulfilled its part in redeploying its forces from Lebanon. Whereas Syria and the Hizbullah systematically violate the resolution and deliberately strike at the state of Israel.

The IDF views very seriously these terrorist attacks against cities and towns in northern Israel. The IDF will firmly act against all those who carry out terrorist attacks or support terrorism against the state of Israel.