Jerusalem, 12 February 2002

ISA Arrests Ala’ah Sheikh Ale’id
(Communicated by Israeli Security Sources)

The ISA, at the end of December 2002 arrested Ala’ah Sheikh Ale’id, 23, Rafiah resident and active in the "Popular Resistance," a terror organization connected to Fatah in the Gaza Strip. Ale’id attempted to infiltrate Israel from Egypt with the aim of recruiting suicide terrorists.

Ale’id admitted during his investigation that he was recruited for military activity by the "Popular Resistance," and his responsibilities were primarily to bring two terrorists into Israel, in order to carry out attacks. At a later stage, he was asked to infiltrate Israel himself.

Ale’id was trained in building explosives, as well as other military tactics. In addition to perpetrating terror attacks against Israeli communities, he planned to place explosives in the helicopter pad of the Soroko hospital, to attack a tourist bus in the Mitzpe Ramon region and to target IDF officers and civilians in the Rahat community.

This attempt to infiltrate Israel via Egypt is one of many in recent months, as the terror organizations have encountered difficulties in breaking through the fence which surrounds the Gaza Strip, as demonstrated by the 12th January 2003 attempted infiltration from Egypt where one Israeli soldier was killed and two others injured.

Similarly, two Hamas terrorists, who were planning to abduct a soldier, were detained after pursuit along the Egyptian border on 15th December 2002.