Jerusalem, 29 April 2003

ISA arrests Palestinians guilty of murdering Israeli civilians and soldiers
(Communicated by Israel Police Spokesman)

The Israel Security Agency (ISA) together with the Israel Police questioned a number of Palestinians who were arrested by IDF forces, who admitted carrying out terror attacks in which Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed or injured.

Kamil Najib Amin Abu Wa’ar, 29 from Kfar Kabatya, a senior member of the Tanzim was arrested on 15 January 2003 for his part in carrying out terror attacks. Abu Wa’ar admitted to the murder of IDF solider Madhat Yusuf on October 2, 2000, as well as being involved in the attack on a group of hikers in Mount Ebal on October 19th 2000 where one Israeli was killed and four injured. On May 8, 2001 Abu Wa’ar was responsible for the terror attack in which Arieh Agranionic was killed in the community of Itamar. On 28, May 2001, Abu Wa’ar together with Mahmud Yadav perpetrated a drive by shooting near the Tapuach junction where two Israelis were injured. On August 9th 2001, Abu Wa’ar and his terror cell carried out a further drive by shooting near Kibbutz Merav where Aliza Malka was killed and three others injured.

Anwar Mitztafa Mahmud Basharat, 27 and Ma’azuz Ra’adi Ahmed Basharat, 28 from Kfar Tamun in Samaria, which under the control of the Palestinian Authority, admitted in their investigation to the murder of Massoud Alon on January 2, 2003.

Asraf Issa Jabballah Abu Sror, a soldier in the Palestinian Authority Force 17 unit shot and killed IDF soldier Shahar Vekret on November 10, 2000.

A’id Musa Salach Sviss murdered IDF soldiers David-Hen Cohen and Shlomo Adshina on November 1st 2000.

Abrahim Mahmud Hama’isa, an officer in the Palestinian Authority Intelligence unit admitted to the murder of Stanislav Sandomirsky, whose body was found on April 21, 2001.