Jerusalem, 6 August 2003

Israel to deport foreign activist, warn 38 others, for distrubing construction of security fence

(Communicated by the Interior Ministry Spokeswoman)

Interior Ministry representatives have considered an Israel Police request to issue deportation orders against 39 left-wing activists all foreign nationals who were arrested yesterday along the separation fence near Kalkilya after having disturbed the work of security officials.

Interior Ministry representatives went to the Ariel police station, examined the issue, and reported to Population Registry director Herzl Getsch, who decided to reject the Israel Police request, except for one Italian national who used violence against IDF soldiers.

Getsch said that since the other 38 activists had held a quiet demonstration, they would receive warnings and be asked to sign a statement in which they agree not to defy orders by OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinski, not to disturb the work of security officials, and not to return to the area. If yesterday’s incident recurs, they will be deported.