Jerusalem, December 8, 2003

Israel’s Reaction to the UNGA resolution to request an "advisory opinion" from the International Court of Justice in the Hague on the issue of the security fence
(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Israel condemns the cynical use of the emergency special session – a device designed to help preserve world peace and security – in order to promote the interests of those who support terror.

The Palestinians have once more used their automatic majority at the United Nations to promote initiatives that not only sabotage any attempt to create conditions conducive to renewing the political process, but also hurt the UN itself and its ability to fulfill its assigned task of preserving world peace and security.

The cynicism of the Palestinian move is highlighted by the fact that only 90 states – less than half of the 191 member states – voted for the initiative that attempts to place Israel, a victim of Palestinian terror, in the dock, while the terrorists and their sponsors enjoy the support of an automatic majority at the UN. The results of the vote also indicate that the international community is wary of the attempt to politicize the ICJ in The Hague.

If the Palestinians would devote their energies to direct and serious negotiations with Israel, instead of wasting them by promoting useless initiatives at the UNGA, it might be possible to resolve the conflict. If the PA would fulfill its commitments, as required by international law as well as by the Roadmap, to fight against terrorism and to dismantle terrorist infrastructures, there would be no need for a security fence.

The security fence is a means for self-defense against the vicious campaign of Palestinian terror that has killed hundreds of innocent civilians and will kill thousands more, if not prevented. It is temporary and non-violent, designed to protect human lives, and its efficacy has already been proven.