March 18, 2003

Member of Palestinian Legislative Council Arrested
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

The Israeli Security Agency (ISA) in cooperation with IDF forces arrested on Monday, March 17, 2003, Hussan Hader, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Chairman of the Committee for the Rights of the Palestinian refugees. Hader was arrested in his home in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus. Hader is believed to have been involved in the directing and funding of terror acts by Tanzim operatives in the West Bank.

Hader is a senior Fatah member, and is considered to be an extremist and a supporter of the armed struggle in the current conflict. He has funded and directed various terror attacks by Tanzim terrorists, who were currently planning to carry out a variety of terror attacks. Hader’s office served as a command post from which terror acts were directed, including firing at IDF posts on Mt. Grizim.

Hader was arrested a number of times during the 1980’s and was imprisoned for involvement in terror acts. In 1988 he was expelled from Israel and transferred the hub of his activity to the Fatah Command in Tunisia. In 1994 Hader was allowed to re-enter Israel. Since then he has served in a number of public offices, among them as a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Members of the Palestinian Authority were aware of Hader’s involvement in terror activities, however this fact did not prevent him from continuing to serve as a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, as well as in other public offices.