Message from the President of the State of Israel Mr. Moshe Katsav to the Jewish Communities
on the Occasion of the State of Israel’s 55th Independence Day

Dear Friends,

On the 55th Independence Day of the State of Israel, we are still fighting for the basic issues in the life of the nation and the country: the struggle for the status of the capital of Israel is continuing; our main border in the east has not yet been determined; we are still combating Palestinian terrorism, and Arab countries and organizations are still calling for the destruction of Israel.

The security situation is influencing the economic and social conditions. Nevertheless, despite the difficult challenges we are facing, on Independence Day, we are proud of the great achievements made. We have a sovereign, democratic, Jewish, liberal, developed and progressive country with international achievements in science, agriculture, technology and culture. We have a country which succeeds in providing its citizens with health, education and housing services, a country, which continues to absorb Jewish immigrants from all over the world, a state which has become a model and example to be emulated by many other countries in the world.

I feel that recently the people of Israel have become more united than in the past. The tension between the various sectors in Israeli society has lessened. I also feel a great rise in the solidarity expressed by the Jewish people in the Diaspora towards Israel. Many leaders of world Jewry have been visiting Israel and a large number of Jewish communities have sent solidarity missions this past year. These visits strengthen our relations and contribute to mutual enrichment.

The free world’s campaign to eliminate international terrorism is of great necessity. The fear in the hearts of humanity must be eradicated. Human beings have a basic right to live without fear of terror.

We are all one big family. We all have the same destiny and tradition. We can be proud to belong to the Jewish people.

May every one have a happy Independence Day and may we see the fulfillment of all our national and sovereign aims. I wish the Jewish people and the State of Israel quiet and tranquility, peace and security, economic stability and social justice.

Yours sincerely,

Moshe Katsav