Jerusalem, December 14, 2003

PM Sharon congratulates US President Bush on on capture of Saddam Hussein
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made the following remarks earlier today (Sunday), December 14, 2003, at the beginning of his meeting with members of the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Homeland Security:

"About two hours ago, I spoke with President Bush and congratulated him on the successful operation which led to the capture of Saddam Hussein. Today is a great day for the democratic world, for the fighters of freedom and justice, [and] for those who fight against terror. We are relieved that this murderer and dictator can no longer stand in the way of the rebuilding and reconstruction of the country he destroyed. I the President on his firm and courageous stand against global terror. We believe that the entire non-democratic world, especially those that engage in terror, will learn from this lesson. The civilizations of the world, if necessary, are able to take action to protect freedom and defeat terrorism."