Jerusalem, January 2003

Preparing for a State of Emergency
(Communicated by the Ministry of Tourism)


Israel has always done its utmost to ensure the welfare and safety of all visiting tourists, and will continue to do so if a state of emergency should occur. Special measures to safeguard tourists, including the preparation of protective kits, are already in place. Following is information regarding safety arrangements for tourists before, during and after the declaration of a state of emergency. Additional instructions will be transmitted should the need arise.

Protective kits

Distribution of protective kits to tourists staying in hotels

10,000 protective kits have been distributed to hotels and youth hostels throughout the country.

Should an emergency situation arise, a directive will be issued to hotels and youth hostels. After receiving the directive, hotel representatives will distribute the protective kits to tourists (guests in the hotels) who will present their passports and sign a specially prepared form (in English, French and Russian) acknowledging receipt of kits.

All hotels in Israel have been supplied with video cassettes with explanations on the use of the protective kits in Hebrew, English, Russian and Amharic.

Hotel representatives have been given comprehensive instructions on behavior during an emergency and they, in turn, will instruct tourists according to the directives of the Home Front Command, the Emergency Committee and the Ministry of Tourism.

Tourists will be able to return the protective kits at their hotels or upon departure at a special Home Front Command station located in the airport.

Distribution of protective kits to tourists not staying in hotels
(upon the declaration of state of emergency)

After the declaration of a state of emergency, tourists can obtain a protective kit at designated branches of the Hamashbir chain of shops, upon presentation of a foreign passport and a payment of NIS 200 (approximately US$42). Please note that kits will be provided free of charge for children up to and including the age of 14.

Addresses of these distribution centers will be published in the foreign language media. This list of addresses will also be made available at that time by the Public Affairs and Information Department of the Ministry of Tourism.

NIS 100 will be refunded to tourists receiving protective kits in this manner upon return of the kits to the Hamashbir chain.

Distribution of protective kits to tourists entering the country during a state of emergency

Tourists entering the country at the Ben Gurion International Airport during a state of emergency, can receive protective kits at the airport Home Front Command office, after signing a written undertaking to return the kits at their hotel or at the airport at the end of the state of emergency.

Protective kits for non-resident Israeli citizens

Non-resident Israeli citizens visiting Israel can receive protective kits or update kits in their possession at all Home Front Command stations (list of stations also in Hebrew).

Private purchase of protective kits

Tourists interested in privately purchasing protective kits at the present time can do so from the following companies in Tel Aviv:

  • Shalon Company factory office – Tel: 972-3-629-1225
  • Supergom Company – Tel: 972-3-562-2333

    Emergency Information

    Each protective kit includes instructions for use in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.

    The Ministry of Tourism, in co-ordination with the Home Front Command, will transmit information to tourists in the electronic and written media as well as written and verbal instructions to the hotels. The Ministry of Tourism will also provide supplementary information through the various channels relevant to tourists that are not used by the Home Front Command.

    The Ministry of Tourism will operate information centers providing updates by phone.

    The Home Front Command will provide information on queries concerning protection of the population, at telephone number 1255111 (from all area codes inside Israel).

    Additional information centers will be opened during the emergency (essential telephone numbers will be published in the media).

    The Ministry of Tourism will transmit information to the hotels and the tour operator associations.

    Information will also be posted on the Israel Defense Forces internet site – – under the Home Front Command link.

    In case of a non-conventional attack:

    In the event of a non-conventional missile attack on Israel, detailed instructions will be transmitted by the competent authorities.

    Medical treatment and immunization will be provided to Israelis and tourists in an affected area, according to instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.

    The Ministry of Tourism will assist in arrangements for transporting tourists overseas as quickly as possible.