Jerusalem, 26 February 2002

President Bush’s telephone conversation with Prime Minister Sharon
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

US President George W. Bush, this afternoon (Wednesday), February 26, 2003, telephoned Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and congratulated him on the occasions of his 75th birthday and his impressive victory in last month’s elections.

President Bush mentioned that the US believes that it is essential that Iraq is made to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction. President Bush expressed hope that after a possible US attack against Iraq, there will be progress in the Middle East peace process.

President Bush praised Prime Minister Sharon in efforts undertaken to improve the Israeli economy and to implement a new economic plan. Prime Minister Sharon thanked President Bush for the efforts of the US administration in preparing an aid package to help the Israeli economy.

Prime Minister Sharon thanked President Bush for his good wishes and restated Israel’s obligation to the peace process and a ‘road map’ which reflects the president’s peace vision. Prime Minister Sharon also thanked President Bush for the large efforts the US invests in the worldwide struggle against terror.