17 February 2002

Senior Hamas terrorist killed while resisting arrest
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

An IDF special unit attempted to arrest the wanted Hamas terrorist Riad Hasin Abdallah Abu Ziad in the northern Gaza Strip. Ziad, who was planning to carry out a massive terror attack inside Israel, opened fire at the IDF force. The IDF soldiers returned fire, seriously wounding Ziad. Ziad died en route to an Israeli hospital.

Riad Abu Ziad, born in 1970, was one of the Hamas’ military leaders in the Gaza Strip. He was the personal assistant of Salah Shehade, the founder and leader of the military wing of the Hamas until July 2002.

In 1990, Ziad was involved in the murder of IDF reserve soldier Amnon Pomerantz. Following his release from prison in 1999, Ziad returned to active involvement in the military wing of Hamas and took part in the planning and execution of many terror attacks.

During the past few months, Ziad was involved in the planning and direction of terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in the Gaza Strip, as well as suicide bombings inside Israeli cities.

Found inside the vehicle in which Ziad was traveling was his personal rifle and false identification papers.