Jerusalem, 1 February 2002

The Colombia Space Shuttle Tragedy
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon, Air Force Commander Major General Dan Halutz, commanders and soldiers of the IDF, all share the grief over the tragedy that befell the Space Shuttle Colombia upon its return to earth.

In this difficult time, out hearts are with the families of Ilan Ramon and the other six astronauts of the Colombia Space Shuttle.

In embarking on this space flight, Ramon undertook an important mission on both a national and international level, whose purpose was to expand human knowledge.

Colonel Ilan Ramon is an Israeli air force pilot and the first Israeli astronaut. Ramon was part of a historical expedition, and represented Israel in the scientific research conducted on the Colombia Space Shuttle. The inclusion of an Israeli astronaut to this mission was made possible due to the special relations between Israel and the United States.

The IDF expresses its condolences to the members of Ilan’s family during this difficult time.

 The Colombia Space Shuttle Tragedy-Feb 1- 2003
 The Colombia Space Shuttle Tragedy-Feb 1- 2003
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 The Colombia Space Shuttle Tragedy-Feb 1- 2003
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