The Foreign Ministry has set up a task force to facilitate the movement of foreign observers to the upcoming Palestinian elections.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
In the framework of Israeli Government policy to assist in carrying out free and democratic elections in the Palestinian territories, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom has instructed the Foreign Ministry to set up an ad-hoc task force. The Foreign Ministry task force has begun its work in collaboration with the foreign observers, with the relevant IDF authorities and with other government ministries.

The purpose of the task force is to facilitate the movement of foreign observers expected to arrive in the area, especially with regards to entry into Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip. To this end, the Foreign Ministry has issued the observers with identification documents that will enable their movement at the various crossing points.

Organizations wishing to deploy observers to the Palestinian elections are requested to file a request with the nearest Israeli embassy, including full details of the observers and the organization sponsoring them. All requests should be filed prior to December 28, 2004.

Free movement of election observers can only be ensured if previously coordinated with the Foreign Ministry as outlined above.