The President of Israel received today the credentials from four new ambassadors assigned to Israel.

The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Nedeljko Maslesa, told the President about the developments in his country and said that he aims at promoting the relations between Israel and his country.

The Ambassador of Nicaragua, Mr. Piero Coen Montealegre, told the President that the situation in his country is stable and that he is interested in developing the relations with Israel.  He presented the President with an original manuscript of the poem, "Israel, by Ruben Darie (of 1904).

The Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Milan Dubcek, said to the President that he is interested in developing the economic relations and creating possibilities for investment in his country.  The Ambassador also said that the reason for building a fence along the border between Slovakia and Ukraine was Slovakia´s wish to prevent illegal immigrants and as part of the commitment to the European Union.

The President of Israel told the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, who is the son of Alexander Dubcek, that his father, who was the pioneer of the anti-communist revolution in east and central Europe at the end of the sixties, is highly respected in Israel.  In addition, President Katsav said that in August 1968, Alexander Dubcek´s fight, when he faced the Soviet tanks, resulted in international echoes, which impressed many in Israel and made Alexander Dubcek the symbol of the freedom fighter.

The Ambassador of Zambia, Mr. Enock Yotam Chikamba, said that the Christians, Muslims and the Jews have common roots and he expressed his love for Israel and its people.  The Ambassador also expressed the wish to promote the relations between the two countries.  The President invited the President of Zambia to visit Israel and thanked him for the gift, a bronze picture of his country’s scenery, which the ambassador had brought from the President of Zambia.