The President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katsav, today received the credentials of four new ambassadors.

The Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Eudalao Mirapeix Martinez, served, in addition to other places, as Ambassador in Egypt and Jordan, before coming to Israel.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Michael Zantovsky, presented his credentials to the President in Hebrew, which he learnt before coming to Israel.  The Ambassador served as a Senator in his country and was Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

The Ambassador of Colombia, General Hector Fabio Velasco Chavez, arrived from the military system of his country and, until recently, served as the Commander of the Colombian Air Force.

The Ambassador of Macedonia, Mr. Viktor Dimovski, is a non resident ambassador and his permanent place of residence is in Zagreb.  The Ambassador said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia emphasised to him the importance of frequent visits to Israel.