Today, the State of Israel took a step of great importance for its future. The Government of Israel approved the Disengagement Plan I presented. We sent a clear message to the people of Israel, our Palestinian neighbors and the entire world. Israel is taking its future into its own hands.

The disengagement process has begun. Today, the Government decided that it is Israel’s intention to relocate all Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip and four settlements in Samaria by the end of 2005.

Most Israelis understand the great importance of today’s Government Resolution. It is a resolution that ensures the future of Israel. It is a resolution that is good for Israel’s security, its international standing, its economy and the demography of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

Today’s Government resolution gives hope to every citizen of Israel.

During the past three and a half years, the terror organizations have tried to break the spirit of the people of Israel. They did not succeed. The Jewish people cannot be broken; we will never break. And I say it again; we will never break.