FM Shalom meets with British Foreign Secretary Straw



Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Ministry Silvan Shalom said after his meeting in London with British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw that Israel will not remain passive, but will actively seek ways to advance the peace process.

Foreign Minister Shalom called on the international community to bring its full weight to bear on the Palestinian Authority to end terrorism and to carry out the governmental reforms that will facilitate the achievement of peace. The Foreign Minister welcomed the reaction of the international community in praise of the Israeli efforts to revive the peace process as expressed in yesterday’s statement by the Quartet.

Foreign Secretary Straw updated his Israeli counterpart on his meetings with Egyptian Foreign Minister Maher and with Nebil Shaath and on their views on ways to advance the peace process. The Foreign Secretary also condemned the abject murder this week on the Kissufim road in which a pregnant mother and her four daughters were killed.

Foreign Minister Shalom told the Foreign Secretary that the effect of the British decision to freeze Hamas funds is clearly felt in the territories, restricting Hamas terror activity. He called on the other EU governments to follow in Britain’s footsteps. He also expressed his concern that Iran is continuing to deceive the international community regarding its efforts to obtain nuclear capabilities.