FM Shalom welcomes Gov. Schwarzenegger


FM Shalom and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem (GPO)

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom today proposed to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that he help establish an Israeli film festival together with Hollywood.

The governnor responded that "the idea is a good one. Israel has many beautiful locations that could be used for filming." He said he would examine how to help further the proposal and suggested that the event could be run in conjunction with the Cannes festival.

Shalom also proposed that Schwarzenegger lead a delegation of Hollywood actors that would visit Israel and ecourage the local film industry.

The two also discussed increasing the economic cooperation between Israel and California, and today’s referendum in the Likud Party, which Shalom described as an important day for the State of Israel and the voters of the Likud.