Director General Yoav Biran summoned the ambassadors of the European "Troika" to express Israel’s deep disappointment at the position adopted by the European Union at the UN vote on the ICJ opinion.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Foreign Ministry Director General Yoav Biran today summoned the ambassadors of the European "Troika" – the Netherlands, Britain, and the European Union – to express to them Israel’s deep disappointment at the position adopted by the European Union at the United Nations General Assembly vote regarding the adoption of the opinion of the International Court of Justice.

The Director General told the ambassadors that Israel is particularly disappointed at the European stand. The willingness of the EU to go along with the Palestinian position, together with the desire to reach a European consensus based on the lowest common denominator, at the price of compromising basic values of justice and ethics, raise doubts as to the ability of the European Union to contribute constructively to the advancement of the peace process.

Biran explained to the ambassadors that, in Israel’s view, the European Union yesterday helped adopt a decision that not only does not advance the peace process, but provides further incentive to Palestinian terror. It is particularly distressing that the EU acted in this manner against the background of recent events within the Palestinian Authority, which again reflect Arafat’s unwillingness to carry out the reforms to which he committed himself to the Europeans and to combat terrorism.

The European Union was given an opportunity to display responsibility, leadership and courage. Europe could have adopted a decision to lead a bloc of responsible states that would not support this disgraceful decision. Instead, the Europeans preferred lending support to those who legitimize terror and tyranny.