(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Advisor)

1. Following the request of the Palestinian Authority, and taking into account the recommendation of the security bodies as heard in this discussion and other discussions, it is our intention to allow the funeral and burial in Ramallah (at the Muqata).

2. Israel is interested in having the burial ceremony and funeral arrangements take place in an orderly fashion, in order to avoid confrontations or unnecessary escalation.

3. The responsibility for maintaining security and public order in Ramallah during the funeral and after it, falls on the Palestinians. Israel will not be involved in maintaining security in Ramallah during the funeral, assuming it takes place in Ramallah. This message was passed on to the Palestinians and Arab and international bodies.

4. The overall responsibility for isolating the event, coordinating with the Palestinians and readiness for developing events, is the IDF’s. All the relevant bodies will assist the IDF in its mission (the ISA, Israel Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.).

5. It is recommended to approve the recommendations of the security system regarding security and operational deployment, including special deployment in the Jerusalem area.

6. The Prime Minister’s Media Adviser will coordinate the inter-ministerial information campaign, in cooperation with officials from the security system and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to formulate and distribute a unified message.