(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle is due to arrive in Israel on Monday, 17 May, as head of a delegation that includes the Secretaries of Agriculture, Housing, Welfare and Development, the head of the Hawaii National Guard, and members of Hawaii’s Jewish leadership. Governor Lingle, who was elected on 5 November 2002, is the first Jewish Republican woman to hold the governorship of Hawaii.

Governor Lingle, who will be in Israel through 22 May, is scheduled to meet with the President, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Agriculture (who will sign together with the Governor a memorandum of understanding on the subject of agricultural development), Knesset members and the Mayor of Jerusalem.

Governor Lingle will also tour IDF bases in the North, and visit Ben-Gurion University and Hadassah Hospital, Ein Karem. The Israel-US Chamber of Commerce will hold a reception in her honor, with leading Israeli businesspersons attending.