(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

During the course of the IDF operation in the Northern Gaza Strip to reduce the Qassam attacks on Israeli targets, preparations were made in order to respond effectively to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian civilian population which might arise as a result of the necessary military activity. The IDF was in close contact via its liaison officers with various bodies, including Palestinian liaison personnel and representatives of international aid organizations. 

Within the framework of the military operation, a special route into Beit Hanun was established to provide easy access to the vehicles of international organizations and maintenance crews in coordination with the local liaison office.

Palestinian liaison officials, representatives of the local Palestinian council and representatives of international organizations were notified as to the opening of this special humanitarian route. In addition, representatives of the DCO are stationed at the various points along the route in order to provide all necessary humanitarian assistance.

Over 35 trips along the route have to date been coordinated with the aid of the DCO, including convoys of medical supplies, maintenance crews, vehicles belonging to international organizations and local ambulances.

The IDF and the DCO place utmost importance on maintaining the normal day-to-day life among the Palestinian civilian population which is not involved in terrorist activities.