(Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson)

As part of IDF efforts to differentiate between Palestinian terrorists and the civilian Palestinian population, the IDF, in cooperation with the Civil Administration of Government Activities in the Territories, is implementing various measures in order to ease the daily life of the civilian population.

Recent steps include the removal of dozens of barriers in the West Bank, facilitating open vehicle passage along the main routes between West Bank towns and villages, as well as easing the encirclement around Nablus and facilitating more bus lines through the West Bank.

These measures are part of the ongoing measures taken by the IDF throughout the year in an attempt to make a clear distinction between the terrorists who hide among civilians and those not involved in terror.

The IDF efforts to improve the daily life of the Palestinian population will continue in accordance with security assessments, providing they do not harbor terrorism and are not involved in attacking Israeli citizens.

The removal of these barriers enables free movement for both vehicles and pedestrians, thus creating easier conditions for many villages around the West Bank, including:

* The opening of the Eiyn Bidan barrier which prevented the movement of vehicles on the Nablus – Jordan Valley road.

* Amtin, Atzira A- Qabliya, Orif, Beita A – Tachta, Majdel Bani Fadel, Juirsh and Kablan in the Nablus area.

* The opening of a barrier which blocked vehicle movement along the Nablus – Tulkarm road.

* The village of Ramin in the Tulkarm area.

* The villages of Laqef, Azun and Dir Balut in the Qalqiliya area.

* The adjoining of the villages of Turmus-Iya and Sanjil in the Ramllah area, creating a single entity.

* The movement of vehicles from Bethlehem to Route 60 (the "X" junction).

* The villages of Beit Umar, Idna and Yata in the area of Hebron.

In addition, starting this morning, June 14 2004, the encirclement imposed on Nablus will be eased, preventing only the passage of men between the ages of 16 and 30, as opposed to 16-35 until today. In addition, the traffic route between Nablus and Ein Bidan will be opened for vehicle and pedestrian passage.

Additional measures to ease the encirclement imposed on Nablus are being considered, in accordance with the security status in the city.

The number of buses to transport the Palestinian population between different cities in the West Bank has been expanded over the past two weeks. Permanent bus lines operate in this framework, with two additional lines to begin operating in the coming days. Approximately 800,000 Palestinians have used these bus lines since the beginning of this year.

These measures are part of an ongoing process in which the IDF refrains from imposing curfews on Palestinian cities, most of the permanent encirclements around Palestinian cities as well as checkpoints have been removed.